Flipkart frauds every time they give me. Fake promises for. My product product is defective Open / Close

Rashi Sharma filed this complaint againt Flipkart

Type of Product/Service
Poco M4 pro

When this happened

Purchase value in Rs.
Rs. 17999

Complant Details / What Happened

I got defective mobile I raised a complain with in under replacement policy firstly 4 times of technicians visit they cancelled my replacement and now they are delaying everytime it gonna be 28 days approximately. One of flipkart backend used to say go poco service center and give writing that product is defective after that we are going to refund and all senior person of flipkart is fake they used to give fake promises and fake promise date

Loss Value / How much effected

My time and I am a working person which is related to my phone


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