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Daksh Singh Tanwar filed this complaint againt Flipkart

Type of Product/Service
Oppo A53s

When this happened

Purchase value in Rs.
Rs. 15490

Complant Details / What Happened

My order from the Flipkart was out from delivery from yesterday I asked to deliver the order he refused and told me to come to the ekart office there when I got out of this he asked me to show the mobile which I have to exchange when I showed him the mobile he told me that the mobile was bent while it was not. I asked him why he is doing this he told me to pay 800 either in cash or gpay on his personal number, when I refused he say screen is also faulted pay 1800 , he misbehave and abuse

Loss Value / How much effected

I had got the loss of hundred rupees which was said to be the exchange or pickup charges but actually I had go to the office so what's the pickup charges are for, Is it for the Misbehaviour abuse that I got from your delivery boy I had a very disgusting experience from the Flipkart for the first time even I was very excited for the mobile but got the abuses and mis behaviour and the awful attitude from the delivery boy that hurts my sentiments.


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