Flipkart give wrong tracking details of product and even after prepaid order I haven't get my product as promised date. Till item in lost condition Open / Close

Tapan Doshi filed this complaint againt Flipkart

Type of Product/Service
LG 5 in 1 convertible split ac (MS-Q18PNXA)

When this happened

Purchase value in Rs.
Rs. 32105

Complant Details / What Happened

I bought LG Split AC on 3/Oct/2021. I have paid Rs.32105/- through debit card. I got the tracking details from flipkart on same day but even after 11th Oct I could not get update related item in tracking details. While I'm find tracking it seems something wrong. 12/Oct/2021 I got message that product is out for delivery and get wishmaster details when I called person talking in Telugu and hange up. I've purchased for home(Gujarat). Flipkart making fool and I'm being trapped by Flipkart.

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