Debit card and the Standard Chartered Bank account Complaint Open / Close

Rahul Dev Chittoria filed this complaint againt Standard Chartered B

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Debit card and the Standard Chartered Bank account

When this happened

Purchase value in Rs.
Rs. 404.04

Complant Details / What Happened

24-07-2021 at 11:30 am, I suddenly started receiving some OTPs on my registered mobile number with SCB. Since the card has always been with myself & is only used now for some mobile recharges only & that too on Airtel thanks App, it was mighty strange that someone could have attempted fraudulent transactions on my SB account while using my Debit Card. So, I immediately called up SB Customer Care at & alerted the lady representative who took my call to block the ongoing transaction

Loss Value / How much effected

vide the dispute raised ref. Complaint No. 20210724463848 dated 24-07-2021 . Attachments : 1. pdf file containing detailed description of the aforementioned complaint and as also the points of resolution sought from the SCB on the same. 2. Screen Shot of the fraudulent transactions which could go through before the aforementioned debit card could be blocked. 3. pdf file of collection of recent emails in the above mentioned context sent to SCB, etc.


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Standard Chartered B

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