Fraudulent transactions effected on my Debit card and account and despite card been blocked still continuing to get transaction smses albeit declined due to card been blo Open / Close

Rahul Dev Chittoria filed this complaint againt

Type of Product/Service
Debit Card and SB account

When this happened

Purchase value in Rs.
Rs. 404.04

Complant Details / What Happened

On 24-07-2021 around 11:30 am ,all of a sudden I, started receiving OTPs for my Debit card transactions, alerted I immediately called up Customer care of SCB but the delay caused to act on it by them caused some 5-6 fraudulent transactions to go through before my debit card could be blocked on my persistence only. Escalations made subsequently to SCB via multiple tweets, emails, calls but nothing got effected except vague assurances and automated responses,transactions continue albeit declined

Loss Value / How much effected

INR 404.04 , lot of anxiety and inconvenience caused at the callousness of Standard Chartered Bank to my complaints and to provide needful resolution which in fact is missing till date despite umpteen escalations via tweets, emails and respective calls at customer care, PNO office, fraud helpline


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